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Priscilla Romans

Why Priscilla wanted to create Graith Care?

Since I started my career in 2004, as a registered nurse, I have seen many patients struggle in their healthcare journey. So, I made the decision to provide something beyond what the regular healthcare system does today. Today’s healthcare is often very reactive and focused on disease management and leaves the patient far from knowing what is really happening.  I bring my experiences of working in the hospital, outpatient, hospice, home care, and insurance industries to help advocate for those in need. It is time to give control back to the healthcare consumer! 

Graith’s Care name came together by bringing my two daughters names of Grace and Faith in one, the word Graith means “to make ready and prepare”.  Graith Care wants to close the gaps in healthcare for the patient’s benefit, bringing all the pieces of the healthcare puzzle together for the best satisfaction in care delivery.

This is a family business as the 4 kids, Oliver our family dog, and my husband Josh have all been apart of this amazing journey to stand in the gap for those that need advocacy! Priscilla’s husband helps with the newsletter “GRAITHFUL TIMES” editions and many more things!

Enjoying family time and building memories with Gabe, Grace, Elijah, and Faith are so important to us as we know life can be all too short. We pray daily and have a strong faith and belief that God will continue to provide and protect. Thank you for supporting Graith Care and sharing the word about this amazing team of advocates!


Whitney Hunsaker

“My name is Whitney Hunsaker and I have been a Pediatric nurse for 9 years. I established my nursing career in Lubbock, TX and continue to work as a staffing nurse at a Children’s Hospital.

I started out in the PICU for 5 years and continued to work as a staffing nurse and travel to all of the hospital units within the Women’s and Children’s realm. I have a Bachelors in Nursing and Psychology and a Masters in Education. I am BLS, ACLS, PALS, Chemo and NRP certified. I am certified in Adult and Pediatric Trauma.

I provide compassionate care to my patients with a patient and family centered goal. I started with Graith Care in January of 2022 after watching the devastation across the healthcare system over the past 2 years. I believe in providing advocacy and providing options for those in need. Healthcare has changed and we need to focus on prevention and advocacy. I love helping people and I can see my role in Graith Care Advocacy is making an impact. I am blessed to be part of this team.
– “How very little can be done under the spirit of fear” Florence Nightingale.”


Mary Kay Gilbert


I am #Graithful to be a part of the Graith Care team! I have over 25 years’ experience as a healthcare professional managing clinical and financial healthcare risk. For the bulk of my career, I have worked to bring improved healthcare solutions to market and launched numerous cost-containment initiatives within the managed healthcare and employer space. My clinical focus encompasses: Cardiology, Oncology, Perinatal/Neonatal, Transplant and Specialty Pharmaceuticals. I have recently expanded into more holistic healthcare modalities including the use of cannabis as medicine– providing customized treatment plans to empower people with confidence to take charge of their own healthcare decisions. I am on a renewed mission to share my knowledge and expertise of emerging solutions, that the healthcare consumer may not be aware of. I am enthusiastic about empowering people with insights on how to navigate our complex healthcare system – all while holding the healthcare system accountable! I am a strong proponent of shared decision-making and informed consent between patient and provider. I received my Registered Nursing degree from the University of St. Catherine’s in St. Paul, MN, I am a Board-Certified Case Manager (CCM) and Board-Certified Patient Advocate (BCPA). I am active in many professional organizations and advisory boards. In my free time, you can find me with family, near the water in either NW Wisconsin or SW Florida.


Maggie Ortiz

Maggie Ortiz is a mastered prepared critical care nurse with 21 years of experience. She has been a patient advocate for many years and has great success in helping patients and their loved ones navigate the sometimes tricky healthcare system. As an ICU, ER and Cath Lab nurse, Maggie had to educate and create nursing care plans for patients and have detailed, intense understanding of the standard of care. As a prior investigator with the board and a current expert witness, Maggie also understands the accountability of healthcare providers to patients. Maggie has a clear understanding that ALL healthcare providers have a DUTY to their patients and is able to assist you in holding those providers to the standard of care your loved one deservers, as well assist you on how you handle any provider who refuses to provide care up to those standards. Let her help you and your loved one get the standard of care based on science that everyone deserves.


  • Patient Advocacy
  • Critical Care
  • Healthcare standards and education


Glen Hopkins

Glen is a critical care RN with 26 years of experience. Most of his professional nursing career

has been caring for the sickest patients using the most advanced technologies while never forgetting that each patient is a person. God made each of us unique but never alone. People come as a package deal – relatives, friends and loved ones. We call that package a family.

Glen’s professional practice philosophy:

  1. Treat every patient like your own family. Provide the same high level of care, meticulous attention to detail, persistence, diligence, vigilance and compassion.
  2. Honesty is the best policy. Integrity is always doing the right thing right, the first time even when no one is watching.
  3. There is almost always an option to optimize the situation that no one has considered.
  4. ICU is like a dance. 2 steps forward and 1 step back. Don’t stare at your feet. You’ll just
    trip and fall. Instead expect the step backward, look forward to the steps forward and it won’t be a surprise. Give yourself a little time to see how far you’ve moved around dance floor.

Glen’s experience includes:

  • 26 years critical care RN, 23 years as an ECMO Specialist, 15 years as a Flight Nurse /
  • Paramedic. Chief Flight Nurse and Director of Neonatal / Pediatric / Maternal Transport
  • Teams. Trauma Coordinator, Performance Improvement Coordinator, Charge Nurse Neonatal
  • ICU, Pediatric ICU (Cardiac, Trauma, Surgical, Medical), House Supervisor 600+ bed Tertiary
  • Hospital, Project Manager, RN OR / PACU, High Frequency Ventilation, BiVent / APRV,
  • Liquid Ventilation, LVAD, Aortic Balloon Pump, CVVH-D, Heart Transplants, Liver
  • Transplants, Kidney Transplants, Bone Marrow Transplants, Burns, Author of Neonatal
  • Transport Protocols, validator for competency on mechanical ventilation, Nurse of the Year – Tertiary Children’s Hospital, Daisy Award Winner (award given for compassionate excellence in nursing care).
  • Glen’s education includes RN, BSN Nursing, MBA Health Systems Management, Nationally
  • Registered Paramedic, EMT-P (Texas). Apprentice Electrician (Texas) (options are a good thing)
  • Married, 3 children, 1 rabbit.


Chriz Frantz

Doctor of Naturopathy (N.D.)
BWT (Bio-Feedback Wellness Technician)
Business & Educational Professional

Chris is a naturopathic doctor (“drugless doctor”) whose passion is getting to the underlying cause of any health imbalance and reversing degenerative disease via natural means ~ because the body doesn’t know dis-ease by name!

That passion grew out of her own personal health crisis 20 years ago when she was diagnosed with Stage 3 aggressive breast cancer and prescribed chemo-, radiation & Arimidex.

She refused all three and embarked on her own healing quest utilizing detoxification, Vitamin C IV therapy, Iscador, good nutrition, and a variety of supplements.

Chris has been helping patients since 2006 using root-cause resolution medicine, providing full-disclosure of healthCARE options, and offering optimal treatments & therapies.

She is #Graithful now to be a part of the Graith Care team.

Chris believes that knowledge is power if it is used wisely, and that, “The only freedom…is that of pursuing our own good in our own way… Each is the proper guardian of his own health, whether bodily or mental or spiritual. Over his own health, the individual is sovereign.” – John Stuart Mill (1806-1873)


Brittany Seabaugh

My name is Brittany Seabaugh and I have worked in healthcare since 2008. I started as an EMT and graduated from Denver School of Nursing in 2011. I have worked primarily in Emergency Medicine and did travel nursing in CA, AZ, and HI. I began doing international medical missions and traveled to various countries including Mexico, India, and Morocco until the COVID pandemic started in 2020. After being put on unpaid leave due to empty hospitals in Denver, I volunteered in NYC ready to jump in and help where I was needed. I quickly realized that greatest threat to our country and world was not COVID-19 but rather the lies, manipulation, and greed within the medical field and the pharmaceutical companies. 

I ended up working in Orange County, CA until I lost my job due to the vaccine mandates. I have spent a majority of my time in the last year working as a freedom activist and traveling with many of the freedom fighters including Leigh Dundas, Tom Renz, Dr. Ryan Cole, and Josh Yoder with US Freedom Flyers. I was honored to get to know Dr. Ardis and thrilled when I learned of Graith Care in early 2022. 

My heart has been broken as I have watched people follow the corrupted healthcare mandates and media manipulation which has led to the loss of so many lives. Healthcare has been focusing too long on “treating” patients’ verses curing them and encouraging a healthy lifestyle. I believe people need to be supported, properly educated, and ALWAYS given the freedom of choice. I have so much respect for Priscilla and the work she is providing and that is why I’m honored to work with Graith Care and their partnership with Dr. Ardis. 


Margene Wilson

Margene was born in Wisconsin & lived there most of her life & married for 35 years to her high school sweetheart Ron. They have twin boys Adam & Aaron, and a younger son Andrew. A few years ago, Ron took a new job, so the 2 of them, relocated just outside of Detroit Mi. She enjoys golfing, exercising & walking her Husky Kounmpo everyday! 

During her33+ years of hospital nursing experience, she strived to provide safe, competent & compassionate care to primarily adult & geriatric patients. This includes those with chronic disease or acute life-threatening illness, as well as those undergoing surgery & procedures, (both lifesaving & elective) Over the years, hospitalized patient acuity has increased, but unfortunately staffing shortages have also increased. Gone are the days of a patient’s own primary Dr following them during their hospital stay, but instead assigned a hospitalist to oversee their care. Often patients would say they felt like they’re just a number. Electronic Medical Records and nurses utilizing computers on wheels at the bedside also added to less personalized care. 

What has influenced my choice to become an advocate was when she realized the dramatic change in the health care system during the COVID pandemic when authoritarian Government control took over even more of the hospital systems, including their employed physicians, nurses & other staff. No longer was care guided by individualized plans & measured by successful outcomes, but rather mandated one size fits all protocol, with punishment for “disobeying”. This is wrong. 

Margene always fights for patients & their family’s best interest, using her many years nursing experience. That fight will extend into her role as an advocate & is honored to be part of Graith Care’s Advocate team!


Martin Samson

I have been a nurse for 5 yrs. Started in ICU and worked my way down into the Cath lab and now I am the charge nurse for the outpatient area for the Cath Lab. Cardiac nursing is my specialty.