Learn more about an opportunity with Graith Care!


  1. Send resume to [email protected] (This is a must have)
  2. If you do not receive a first screening phone call invite or reply, please email [email protected] and inquire as to where you are at in the process.
  3. If you move on from the first screening call you will know your next steps.


  • Yes, this is a paid role as a W9 Contractor.
  • There are multiple ways an advocate gets paid. Yes, more options are always better!
  • We do have training options you will have access too as some advocates need it and some are ready to go as they have a depth of knowledge and confidence to take on clients right away.
  • We have a platform that each advocate has access to so that way all the advocates need to do is focus on their client’s needs.
  • Yes, you can do this contracted work on the side of other jobs as most if not all of the advocates have other jobs. Best if you have days and time open Monday-Friday.