Graith care advocates

Graith Care Advocates for You!

Hi my name is Priscilla and I am with Graith Care I am so excited to reach out to you to share with you some of the awesome things that Graith Care is doing today to help you as a healthcare consumer move forward with your Healthcare.

Graith Care’s mission is help break down those barriers in care that you were experiencing. We know that there’s missing pieces of the puzzle that you’re not quite aware of that you sure wish somebody would have told you about. Well, Graith Care helps Advocate whether it’s from a pediatric patient to a millennial to an adult to a senior there are patients out there that are worried and struggling because they don’t know what to say or do, but they have had a delay in getting their care moving. Why wait for a test results? Why wait to go get something done that you really need to get done? Do you know that there’s a better way? Maybe, there’s a more affordable cost and you just thought insurance was the only way.

The good news is we know with the Graith Care model we are being proactive and making an impact. So, whether it be how you walk into a provider’s office and you are in control as to what you want to get done or how to manage the insurance as we know that they’re denying people all over the place for things that shouldn’t have been denied.

Graith Care can be an advocate for you. So, get a hold of us as we are super excited about the success our patients are having all over. This can be for your loved one whether the live in Texas, Illinois, or in Florida or other states. If you know somebody that struggling with care today get a hold of us and let’s put something in place today to start driving your health care for it there is no delay for you

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