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Graith Care is Making a Difference

Your personal health consultant Graith Care breaks down healthcare barriers to save time and money while bringing back control and transparency to you as the consumer.

Are you worried about you or your loved one’s health? If you feel alone in your journey, please call or private message Graith Care today! We bring our experiences of working in the hospital, outpatient, hospice, home care, and insurance industries to help advocate for those in need. It is time to give control back to the healthcare consumer!

Graith care bring that proactive care being your personal advocate and involve family awareness in the Senior’s care needs. It is important to reduce avoidable emergency department visits and/or avoid hospital visits with minimizing gaps in care. Also, reducing risk of needing a change in residence to a higher level of care is important for a Senior and their families. Graith Care can help improve physician visits for optimal care needs with providing education for the Senior’s specific health needs. We believe that a preventive holistic care approach is so important and can be for everyone.

Here are some Testimonials:

Thanks to Graith care I now have a better game plan when I go to my physician visit and I get more done in that one visit than in the last year.

Graith care helped me save time and money I am back in control.

Thank for all of you help, without Graith’s care help I would have been lost.

I am so glad you’re in this business. Graith care is amazing and has a wealth of knowledge and people need help.

Graith care has helped me sooooo much and I couldn’t have done it without you.

I have been dealing with my health issues for a decade and because of Graith care I know what I could ask my doctor next and understood how to explain it with the consultation I got. I finally have relief.

Thank you so much. Graith care is God sent.

My amazing friend Priscilla Romans has started a company helping people with their healthcare in various aspects she was able to help a friend of mine navigate covid-19 and I got to witness firsthand what a difference Priscilla made in my friends care. Let her help you or your loved ones.

Our son needed hernia surgery and we were caught between insurance plans struggling to understand what our options were. Thank god we called Priscilla and she helped navigate the whole situation, spent hours talking to different doctors and hospitals on our behalf and even helped us save over $10,000 from what we were told we needed to pay. Highly recommend!

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