Men's Screenings

Talking about Men’s Screening

Hey all this is Priscilla with Graith Care LLC I want to reach out to you today and say thank you for all for your encouragement and support.

Over the last 4 weeks meeting with men and women and helping them drive their healthcare forward with game plans is so exciting! Now they are moving forward with their next steps towards their specific needs to get results.

Today, I want to talk about cancer diagnosis that are impacting men with the most common ones are prostate, lung, colon, rectal, bladder, and melanoma.

The top cancer diagnosis for men is prostate cancer so typically there are no symptoms that go along with prostate cancer diagnosis in the beginning, however, if it is progressing typically symptoms are starting to appear. So, symptoms to look out for are straining to pass urine, leaking urine, bloody urine, and bone pain. If you are having any of these symptoms or are around age of 50 you should be getting a PSA blood test and what is called a DRE digital rectal exam done by your provider. This is important for men to pay attention to and utilize the screens to get early detection. When you get early detection, and you get a diagnosis you can have a better outcome.

This is so important, and I would like you to share this video for the men in your life to go ahead and get their screenings that they need to be proactive for their healthcare. Please like and share this video.

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