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Talking about Women’s Screenings

Hey y’all… It’s Priscilla with great Care LLC. I wanted to reach out to my friends and family and thank you so much for liking and sharing my business page. I have enjoyed meeting with individuals one-on-one, helping develop game plans and close gaps in healthcare that people were unfamiliar with or didn’t know what the next steps were.

One thing has been on my mind are the tools patients can use for making sure they can be proactive for potential early detection. There are health screenings for both men and women. I am going to focus on women today as we need to talk about screenings for breast cancer.

Let me throw out a couple of statistics at you, so typically breast cancer diagnosis does not happen under the age of forty. However, it is happening as there was over 250,000 lives under the age of 40 that were diagnosed with breast cancer that is a lot with an estimate amount of people that died from breast cancer 40,000 lives. So, I talking about this because screenings are so important and getting your mammogram screening is one of those tools you have in your tool belt.


Go ahead and call Graith Care. Let’s get a visit scheduled, so if you’re under the age of 40 and you like well I really don’t know if this is for me I’m going to tell you if you have a mother or sister that has been diagnosed with breast cancer you need to get your mammogram done now.  okay you need to make sure you’re getting early detection so you can be more proactive.

If you are diagnosed with breast cancer you have better outcomes. If you are over the age of 40, be getting your mammogram done, should be every few years okay usually every wanted to is what is typical on and most providers do cover that but look when you’re talking about being proactive for your help this is something you have at your disposal to go ahead and get done don’t be scared don’t be a just go ahead and get it on game planning for your screening or any of your Healthy go ahead and message me at Grace Care LLC on the Facebook page I would be glad to connect with you and help you move your health care forward. Thanks

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