Senior Health Advocate

Your Personal Health Advocate for Seniors

Hi my name is Priscilla and I’m with Graith Care. This goes out to all the seniors and their loved ones. I am so excited about what Graith Care is doing for Seniors.

So, we all know that the healthcare system is complex its often focuses on reactive medicine and/or disease management that the system forgets about the holistic part of the patient journey and miss things that shouldn’t have been missed. Yes, you felt it and you’ve ask yourself “why didn’t they tell me this” or “why didn’t I know I should have known to ask”. Well, it’s not your fault as the health systems is complex and Graith Care is going to change that.

We want you to know that you have an advocate for you as a senior and for you as a caregiver. Graith Care can come right to you either through our Telehealth platform or can come face-to-face. We know that sometimes those face-to-face visits are best, but we know right now sometimes the Telehealth is the best option. As a nurse I just seen patients that have gone into the emergency room or been admitted to the hospital and I ask myself why they came as they really did not need to come. Their health issue could have been prevented and that is my mission is to flip the Healthcare System right back around and put the consumer meaning the senior back into control.

Graith Care provides a plan that is specific to your journey whether you’re at home or whether you’re in a Retirement Village, Assisted Living, Independent Village, or in a Nursing Home there can be something put in place for you so we can be proactive. We know that there are triggers that are approaching the Senior and we better be in front of that before we have to move them to an emergency room visit. This is critical as we know that in a moment; things can change. We know that falls are a big deal and one fall can change a Seniors trajectory in their health care journey.

Graith Care wants to help you. If you want help with your specific game plan and we can be proactive together I am here to help bridge that gap and put the missing piece of the puzzle together for you. We can do this as there are things that I know as a nurse that I can help you out with today. Let’s work together. Please, give Graith Care a call today.

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